Monday, June 14, 2010

The "Last Lecture" - Must See

Every once in a while I like to spend some time watching TED talks at They have talks on a wide variety of subjects and are almost invariably worth watching.

I came across one this morning on their site that is truly inspirational so I thought I would create a post about it and hopefully others can learn a thing or two from him as well.

This is a talk that Randy Pausch gave in 2007 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is a moving talk about achieving childhood dreams (among other things;) ) and I highly recommend taking the time to watch it in its entirety. The last few sentences really made me think.

Link to TED talk video:

Link to YouTube version embedded below:

Link to Carnegie Mellon University page with more information about Randy's lecture:

Link to Randy's page (well worth spending some time at):

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