Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Currency of the Future"

I just signed up with eFoods Global after looking it over and discussing it with a friend who is a member. I completely agree that food is our greatest dependency and when you are hungry nothing else matters. It just makes total sense to be in a business like this because one of the only things that people absolutely must do no matter what the economy, country, location or anything else is eat. People have to eat - that simple.

And in today's economy having a food storage plan can be invaluable because if any one thing is absolutely true about today's economy it is that it is uncertain. We just plain don't have the stability we have been used to any more. Having food that can be stored for many years as a reserve is a must have in my opinion.

If you check it out soon you even have a chance of being in the "founder's pool" which can mean a pretty fair amount of money to an ambitious salesperson.

I figured it is worth checking out even if I only wanted to get the sample pack, which is free - I just paid shipping, because I am a backpacker and it sounds like great food for backpacking.

Click here to check it out now:

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  1. History has proven that food and water is the solution to almost every major problem. With food as a currency, anyone who has a reserve will definitely have advantage over those who don't.

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