Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This week's WOW

Ok, it has been more than a week. (if you take a peek at my previous post you will get an idea one of the things I have been busy doing) That is how it goes some times I guess.

I took piano lessons when I was growing up so I know it is not easy at all to learn... with your hands. This guy learned how to do it with his feet. And do it well. Very impressive.

Footage of an amazing water spout:

Set it to HD resolution, let the video fully load if you need to, go full screen and sit back and watch. This is impressive as well.

This is gutsy. Very gutsy. And of course contains some absolutely incredible footage of a volcano. WOW.

A new discovery about the fabric of space and time.

A new first in aircraft. Human powered.

Holy cow that is a long way up. Don't watch where this guy works if you are afraid of heights.

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