Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get 6 Free Meals!

You can now get 6 free meals (Limit: one per family. You pay only the shipping and handling.) so you can taste the eFoods Global products for yourself while having nothing to lose.

I eat these meals regularly and I definitely think they are far and away the best food I have tasted for personal food storage. In fact, I like some of these meals enough I will be eating them now and then just because I like the taste of them.

The Cheesy Chicken Rick Casserole is a good example. I throw a couple tablespoons of butter in and then some salt and pepper and it sure tastes excellent to me.

The fact it has a shelf life of over 15 years and it is an extremely cheap meal and it is extremely easy to prepare and it is part of an outstanding business opportunity etc. are definite added bonuses.

In fact, it was much easier to get excited about being an IBO (Independent Business Owner) after I tried the food.

I really do believe that once most people try the food they are going to be more than happy buying some to put aside for personal or family food storage as well as purchase more now and then to replenish what gets eaten. I know that is what I will be doing because it makes perfect sense to me.

I am a big eater but it is still less than two bucks for me to eat a full meal that I will usually have trouble finishing. That alone is enough for it to make sense to me.

With the economy and the troubles of the world looking like they are only going to get worse I think one of the best opportunities out there is with eFoods Global. It combines good sense food storage and food storage products, a purpose-driven organization and high levels of teamwork with a truly unique and outstanding business opportunity.

You can get many questions about eFoods Global, the products, ProPay, the opportunity and more here.

Check it out today! Go to successfisherman.myefoods.com for more information.



PS: You can also check out several videos with more information about eFoods Global on my PersonalFoodStorage.com home page by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I am an IBO (actually an eIBO or essential Independent Business Owner) so yes I will make money if you purchase products or sign up via one of my links. But I will also try very hard to help you start your own business or answer any questions you should have. See PersonalFoodStorage.com for more information including policies.

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